5. Reasoning – Grand and Green

Since I started writing down some of the thoughts that preoccupy me I’ve become more conscious of my actions. The other day I found myself diving into the kitchen garbage container and re-sorting the contents! It’s a weird thing to admit to but these days shame is not nearly as motivating as maintaining a less polluted, greener planet.

I believe I am influenced by hearing one passionate teenager’s appeal to all earthlings to pay attention to the consequences of our actions. Greta Thunberg’s suggestions make sense to me. I may not be able to follow her example in every way but small commitments can make a difference.

I want to jump on Greta’s band wagon but I find it challenging. I like to think that I Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The truth is that I only do what’s convenient. I try not to buy things on impulse – things that I don’t need or that are similar to what I already have. However, I still find a good bargain irresistible.

I try not to be bothered if the material elements in my life don’t meet fashionable standards. I convince myself that I’m succeeding to some extent but if I’m completely honest, I have a long way to go. I still care too much about being well put together and will acquire a new scarf because none of the dozens in my closet are exactly the right shade of green. I will make a purely frippery purchase just because it will make the dinner table look good and add to the ambience of the evening. Also, I must admit, often my purchases aren’t environmentally friendly. That’s pitiful considering my desire to make conscious ‘green’ choices. And that leads to the other troublesome topic of all the unnecessary packaging that accompanies my purchases. Packaging that will take an unimaginable number of years to biodegrade.

Right now, I’m simply focusing on the small, immediate ways to consider reducing, reusing, recycling. I haven’t touched on the big things like travel and elaborate entertainments, or things that make a huge impact on conservation of water and energy, or things that destroy plants and animals. None of these notions is new. I’ve been aware of  all this for years but it’s taken young Greta’s brave action to make me pay attention. I hope my tiny steps will make a difference.

I plan to make a deliberate effort to: – reduce my acquisitions, – to reuse and re-purpose all that I have already acquired, – to carefully sort and recycle all that I must discard.

Initially I thought I would reach out to Grandmas and Grandpas to make some lifestyle changes but why not include Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren? Every one of us fits into one of the “Grand” categories. Every one of us can make a difference. Every one of us should make a commitment. Every little step counts.

Hoping every human can commit to embracing a Grand-and-Green lifestyle – one wee step at a time,